Vehicle PTZ camera

  • 2.0MP HD laser vehicle PTZ Camera
2.0MP HD laser vehicle PTZ Camera

2.0MP HD laser vehicle PTZ Camera

  • vehicle PTZ Camera
  • 360 degree rotation
  • waterproof
  • 36X 2.0 mega pixels
  • Product description: 20x Zoom 2.0MP HD IR vehicle PTZ Camera for monitoring system

2.0MP HD laser vehicle PTZ Camera 

Product Description

2.0MP HD laser vehicle PTZ camera 

Model: ES-PTZ300


·Infrared laser night vision distance is more than 500 meters, camera night vision can reach 400 meters, daytime distance can reach 800 meters


·It adopts full digital control, flexible programming, compact and simple transmission system design, arbitrarily rapid positioning and continuous tracking and scanning, realizing all-round, no blind spot monitoring.


· 256 preset positions can be stored, and the data is powered off.


· The gimbal has a wiper function to ensure the lens is clean.

· Support three levels of lightning protection and surge protection.

· The protection level of the gimbal is IP66.

· PTZ configurable shock absorber for on-board installation

· Spot sync camera magnification for maximum uniform illumination.


· Infrared light and camera truly achieve three-chamber isolation, completely solve the problem of excessive aging of infrared light and fogging of spherical lens.

· Constant current dimming design, infrared light work is more stable, and the service life can reach 30,000 hours.


·Synchronized laser light fill mode, 808nm electric power is less than 6W, optical power is 2.5W, angle 1° to 40° can be adjusted manually or according to camera multiples, real-time processing lens focal length information, laser illumination spot can automatically zoom with the lens It can also be adjusted remotely independently. Synchronize the preset position of the PTZ with the laser spot size


Pan preset speed

120°/S(manual control 0°60°/S

Tilt preset speed

60°/Smanual control 0°30°/S

Pan range


Tilt range


 Electric machinery

stepping motor worm and gear

 Preset positions

256 Preset positions

Control Way

RS485(Ntwork and SDI support RS485 and RJ45

Baud rate


Control protocol




Audio input/output


Alarm Input/ Output


Operating temperature


Ip Grade


Power Supply



7KGnet weight

1080P Vehicle PTZ camera image quality

Vehicle PTZ camera application on Vehicles

Vehicle PTZ camera Production workshop

Delivery time:

sample order: 2-5 working days

10-100 kits: 7-10 working days

100-1000 kits: 15-20 working days

Warranty: 1 year

Lifetime maintenance and repair

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