3 Moments That Basically Sum Up Your Mobile Dvr 4 Channel Experience

Eastyle Mobile DVR 4 channel not only records driving conditions, prevents racketeer parties, assists novice drivers in parking, but also provides 24-hour vehicle monitoring.

Eastyle Mobile DVR 4 Channel unique advantages:

1. It can record the parking situation 24 hours a day: although the car data recorder with built-in battery also has the function of parking record, the recording time is not too long. According to the size of battery power, the recording time can be about 1-2 hours at most.The panoramic recorder is directly connected to the car battery to maintain the power supply to stop and turn off after continuous work.

2. Multiple perspectives: The dashcam is mounted on the front windshield. Generally, there is only one Camera, and some of the recorders also have front and rear cameras.The panoramic automobile data recorder has four cameras, which can record the situation of the front, rear, left and right directions of the vehicle respectively. The 4-way display is seamless Mosaic.

3. It is not only a panoramic driving assistance system, but also a mobile dvr 4 channel, which integrates resources to help customers save funds and reduce costs to the maximum extent.Compared with audio reversing radar, it is more intuitive and safe.Panoramic bird's eye view car week: with three trigger signals, reverse, left, right signal lines, forced start, response to the corresponding screen, driving, parking, reversing safety to the highest level.



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