What are the advantages of mobile DVR Camera system

Eastyle Mobile DVR Camera System is a tailor-made product for trucks, school buses and other vehicles with "complete height and body, and relatively large visual blind areas. The driver only relies on the left and right rearview mirrors to observe the surrounding situation of the car, and there will be a lot of visual blind areas, so in the process of vehicle driving, it is often easy to occur some traffic accidents.Then, after a traffic accident, everyone is blaming each other, but also because there are a lot of visual blind areas, racketeer, crash party these people in the road frequently appear, so that the driver can not prevent.

To solve these problems, Eastyle mobile DVR camera system puts forward solutions, whether it is the rub in the blind area, or the burden of proof after the rub, or to prove the truth of racketeer crash?All need a set of high-performance vehicle panoramic view 360 degree data recorder as a guarantee and the basis of facts!

Role of Eastyle Mobile DVR Camera System:

1, to facilitate traffic accident scene investigation (preset video recording)

2, easy to violent crime forensics (carjacking, extortion)

3. Convenient for company vehicle management (private use, etc.)

4, easy to prevent the car, smash the car, the car evidence

5. Easy to merge and change lanes, and drive with the help of astern

6. Ensure safe driving (fatigue driving and overspeed driving alarm)



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