How can Mobile DVR for vehicles make taxi drivers and passengers feel safe

Mobile DVR for vehicles can record road conditions and cabin status.Effectively prevent conflicts between drivers and passengers.In case of accident or robbery, the driver can press the emergency button.The centre will receive the information and get the location of the taxi, and will be able to see live video on mobile DVR for Vehicles.They can immediately call the driver to check the situation and then decide whether the driver needs help to call the rescue service or the police.

Our system also can make passengers feel safe. All the condition inside and outside of taxi have been recorded. It can prevent driver's improper behavior, since center can monitor the condition of taxi and all video have been recorded in MDVR. When accident happens, center service people will help passengers get rescue as soon as possible.

Mobile DVR for vehicles also allows taxi companies to reduce hassle, making it easier to manage taxi fleets and drivers.The taxi fleet has become safer and unnecessary losses can be greatly reduced.Mobile DVR for Vehicles wants to make every taxi ride a pleasure.



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